Tales of Athalonia

Tales of Athalonia consists of a series of online multi-level edutainment games that focuses on concepts that are in line with the English, Math and Science syllabuses. Tales of Athalonia not only preserves the fun elements typical of any online platform game, at the same time, it also enables the learner to gain knowledge from these games, which have been carefully infused with various learning objectives.

The games introduced in Tales of Athalonia aim to innovate and motivate learning, ultimately enabling the learner to grasp concepts easily and apply this learned knowledge through the games, and to internalise higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

Key Benefits

Innovate and motivate learning in a fun way

Infused with various learning objectives stipulated in the latest English, Math and Science syllabuses

Enable pupils to grasp concepts intuitively and apply this learned knowledge by playing the games

Internalise higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills



Explore and build your own kingdom

Create your own avatar

Dress up as royalty or as a common citizen

Purchase items using special tokens

Decorate the kingdom with purchased items


Keep track of how well you fare among your peers

Complete fun and challenging quests

Earn special tokens by playing educational games

Captivating Storyline

Journey through mystical Athalonia and meet interesting characters

Game Builder

Gamebuilder is a quick and easy tool to support teachers or trainers in the development of learning games as part of their activities in the course to enhance learning. To create a game in gamebuilder, teachers or trainers only need to provide the questions. Once the games are created, teachers or trainers can upload them in their website or even in our Learning Management System (LMS).

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