Our customers have appreciated our efforts to integrate technology into the educational experience. Hereis what some parents, teachers, students and clients have to say about our various and services.

LMS is a great platform for teachers and students to interact with one another and to put up assignments too.There are even personal blogs for us."

Victoria Quek Xiaoxuan
Dunman High School.

I am impressed with the set-up of Asknlearn. It's a pretty fun way of learning that will not bore the child. I was hooked on it and will share with my daughter this fun way of studying.... Great Job"

Parent of Kereen Prisha Kaur
Blangah Rise Primary School

We are very grateful to ASKnLearn Team as their helpful support has made ICT infusion into academic and non-academic areas so much easier now. Thank you once again."

Mr Andy Lee
Bukit Batok Secondary School.

Thank you for the wonderful job. I have shared with the teachers regarding the first 3 skills. They like the format of it. It is user-friendly. I like the multiplication games. They really make learning fun."

Ms Oh , HOD Math
Si Ling Primary School

I would like to comment on your great game "Tales Of Athalonia" and its superb educational values. I, as well as my brother and sister-in-law, enjoy spending quality time every night with my niece on the game."

Hennry Chua (Uncle of Melanis Chua)
Chua Chu Kang Primary School

The lessons are very comprehensive. Whenever I want to learn a new topic, I will always go to the lessons, or watch the educational videos and do activities and quizzes. Then, I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge! "

Rahul Haridas Pillay, Student
Saint Andrew's Junior School

I am impressed with the services provided by ASKnLearn. A company with staff that is willing to go the extra mile for their customers and working hard to ensure that their learning management platform is able to support out school."

Mr Evan Toh
Hai Sing Catholic School

I would like to thank you for working with James at the initial stage in planning the workshop for the pupils.James is a dedicated trainer, who has formed a very good rapport with the pupils and sharing his creativity with them. "

Teresa Leong, HOD IT
Blangah Rise Primary School

"My Mom and I always refer to the multimedia lessons when I fall sick. It's a quick and easy way to catch up with those lessons which I sometimes missed. I want to keep up with my peers and not feel left out when I return to school. My brother used the LMS to drill himself for the PSLE last year and he managed to pass."

Alyssa Faith Bte Abidin
Wellington Primary School

"Our ASKnLearn project manager, has shown the utmost dedication and enthusiasm in responding to our enquiries and following up with our project. The technical team has also been quick to respond and accommodate our requests. We also appreciate that Mr Victor Yuk, the General Manager, provides great leadership to his team, and is always accessible and approachable."

Ms Tracy Tan
Curriculum Planning Officer (Ministry of Education)

"Hi, I am so impressed with your service provided me today. I was struggling to update my system with the requirement to open the e-portal content. So I called the helpline and the service operator helped me in a very professional way to solve this problem. ... The operator really very helpful, polite and moreover so friendly. I am one of the happiest customers. Keep it up."

Parent of Alvin Jacob Kurian
Wellington Primary School

I am impressed with the services provided by ASKnLearn as the company has a strong team of software developers, network specialists and sales account managers that ensure the reliability of the applications they are providing, robustness of the applications are supported by sound hardware infrastructure working with a sales force that understand the needs and wants of their customers in the education services. A company with staff that is willing to go the extra mile for their customers, working hard to ensure that their learning management platform is able to support our school during E-learning days and flu pandemic period."

Mr Tay Seow Heong
HOD IT Tampines Junior College

"I am writing to thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm in promoting our Cyber Arts programme. You have imparted your Digital Photography skills through your interesting class sessions with our student-athletes at Singapore Sports School. Your hard work has not only helped to create awareness and interest for the Digital Photography but has produced good results; as 3 of our students from your last term's class have just won "The Sports Safe Singapore Creative Competition " organized by Singapore Sports Council Sports Safety Division."

Poh Leong Joo
Assistant Director, Instructional Programme
Singapore Sports School

"We have been working with AsknLearn for many years. The system provides an excellent platform to provide students with various learning experiences.The contents are rich and constantly updated coupled with various interative tools that enrich the learning further. The Officers involved always respond to our feedback promptly and eager to improve the system better. Further more, trainngs are constantly provided to equip the new teachers coming into our school and at the same time familiarize the teachers with the new features added into the system. As the whole, our school is satisfied with the system and services provided as we feel that AsknLearn is a dynamic system that constantly improve itself with reference to the change in the educational landscape."

St.Margaret's Secondary School

Time and again, AsknLearn Pte Ltd has proven themselves to be at the leading edge of providing ICT resources and platforms to support Teaching and Learning in schools. It is evident from the new ICT modules, that they constantly refine and put up in their Learning Management System (LMS), that they thrive on an innovative culture based on listening to schools' feedback. AsknLearn Pte Ltd also provides prompt service and excellent support through their staff who are polite, knowledgeable and service-oriented. One such dedicated staff would be Mr Danny Ng, Account Manager for Cedar Girls' Secondary School, his knowledge in his company's products and patience and professionalism in training the teachers has won over many teachers to using ICT in their lessons. Well done AsknLearn!"

James Foo
Cedar Girls' School