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Wizlearn launches Tales of Athalonia (Games-in-Learning series)

10 January, 2011

Wizlearn launches its latest innovative educational product - Tales of Athalonia (Games-in-Learning series). It consists of multi-level edutainment games within our Games-in-Learning Series (GIL).

Studies have shown that through game play, children score 25% higher in Reading and 40% higher in Math. The fact is that games DO motivate the children to spend more time learning in front of the computer and enjoy themselves while at it!

Tales of Athalonia consists of a series of online multi-level edutainment games that focuses on concepts that are in line with the English, Math and Science syllabuses. Tales of Athalonia not only preserves the fun elements typical of any online platform game, at the same time, it also enables the learner to gain knowledge from these games, which have been carefully infused with various learning objectives. The games introduced in Tales of Athalonia aim to innovate and motivate learning, ultimately enabling the learner to grasp concepts easily and apply this learned knowledge through the games, and to internalise higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

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