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Science Virtual Experiment for 'O' Level Students

1 August, 2011

We understand your pain for not having enough practical practice on experiments, thus we create virtual experiments for you. Now, you can practise anywhere, anytime.

Recommended usage and Benefits:

  • Introduction / Familiarisation before the actual lab experiment in school so that mistakes are minimized and students are able to learn how to handle the apparatus close-up.
  • Revision before the final practical or after the teacher has demonstrated in lab.
  • Covers mainly Skills 1 and 2 (including graphing skills) for SPA.
  • Prepares students for Skill 3 in which students have to plan their own experiment and conduct them.
  • Important practical skills are highlighted and reinforced through questions and reminders throughout the Virtual Experiment.
  • Allows students to discover or make mistakes in a safe environment.
  • Printable Lab Journal or Lab Report enables teachers to be able to monitor students' progress and answers.
  • Virtual Experiments are produced in consultation with Science teachers therefore relevancy to the syllabus is adhered to.