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The First One, Abdi Agape School using laptop for studying

21 August, 2008

Location and communication are no longer obstacles to achieve high quality education. Information technology with its hardware and software has helped teachers to prepare and present their materials in a fun way. Abdi Agape Education Foundation, working together with ASKnLearn Singapore, launched a “Workshop on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Classroom” for teachers from kindergartens up to high schools. The training took place at Abdi Agape Church, Tuesday, 19 August 2008.

“Abdi Agape School has pioneered the implementation of Information Technology and Communication in school through enrichment programs using computers and presenting school materials integrated with Information Technology and Communication”, said one of the committee members. This is meant to improve the teacher's ability to present school and examination materials with the basis in IT as well as for the improvement of Information Technology in the school.

As education is a factor for the nation's competitive edge, there is a need to constantly improve on the quality of education. One of the ways is to raise the school status gradually to reach international standards. This is inline with the changes in education direction, which is heading towards a society based on knowledge, which puts IT as its main factor.

IT has provided the means for all the schools in Indonesia to share resources and communicate effectively through the Internet. The usage of this technology needs to be encouraged and facilitated so that it can reach all the schools all over the country.

The training is attended by The Vice Governor of West Kalimantan, Christiandy Sanjaya, and Head of Education Department of West Kalimantan, Ngatman, as well teachers from the kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, and high school of Abdi Agape as well as some teachers from Imanuel School.

Sanjaya mentioned that the technology made the teaching process in the class efficient and more interesting. The animated lessons can really make the students from kindergarten and primary schools be interested in the lessons. Such program should be coordinated well so that similar programs can be applied in other schools as well. This year, the government has allocated computers to Abdi Agape School and it is hoped that the equipments can help in the teaching processes.

Head of the Abdi Agape Foundation, Daud Djunaidi, expressed his happiness with the Singapore teaching material for the teachers. He said that besides Chinese, English should also be a skill that all the teachers should have. Abdi Agape School has 4 schools in Pontianak, Kumpai, Singkawang, and Bengkayang and he hoped that their dedicated teachers would improve more with these materials.